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About Plasopan Engineers ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.

We are one of the largest manufactures of Plastic Profiles (EVA¸ PP, PE, PC, Rigid PVC, Flexible PVC, & others) in India. We have been manufacturing Plastic Profiles in India since 1979.

We specialize in making specialized compound as per the customer requirement for the profiles that we manufacture giving our customer an advantage of cost.

We have our own tool room to make dies & jigs in-house as per the requirements of our customers. All tooling is designed, engineered and tested under the watchful eyes of our experienced technical team, using the latest CAD facilities. They work closely with both our production teams and customers to ensure that any modifications are quickly identified and implemented to provide an accurate, quality extrusion. We are able to assist our customers from initial design to final production offering advice on any modifications where necessary. Having the skills in house means we are able to respond rapidly to customer requests and to provide a timely and efficient service.

We have the latest technology to ensure tooling is both accurate and appropriate for the job at hand.

Some of this technology includes:

CNC Wire Cut Machine — This machine allows extrusion dies and secondary plastic fabrication tooling to be precision cut, ensuring a more accurate end-result.

CAD/CAM System — To ensure the specifications you need, your parts are designed on a computer-aided design (CAD) system.

The team at Plasopan prides itself on working with you from the start — to make sure your product is right at the finish. We provide innovative solutions to the toughest challenges and pay attention to details.

Our engineers begin the custom plastic extrusion process with part design. Your designs can be faxed or sent via e-mail using the AutoCAD file format. Plasopan engineers will work with you to create the optimum part design, minimize costs and maximize dimensional control.

Our engineers both design and build the extrusion dies and the plastic fabrication equipment using the latest in computer aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM). This continuity in the process ensures that tooling is built to the highest quality standards, resulting in the highest quality extruded plastics available.

We are manufacturing a wide range of profiles for a wide range of applications & industries, which are stated below. The below given list in indicative & not exhaustive.

- Building & Interior Industry

Doors, Single Panel Doors, Windows, Partitions, Wall Panels, Cladding, False Ceilings, Portable Huts/Houses, Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets, Wardrobes etc.

We are presently extruding 30 colours, but custom colours can also be extruded as per your requirement.

We also have arrangement for post production processes in house like Drilling, Embossing, Punching, Slotting, Hot Foiling, Logo Marking & Printing on the profiles. Profiles can be supplied in both interior & exterior grades as per your requirements.


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