Accessory Profiles

As an industry leader in profile extrusion & distribution, company is committed to provide superior service and support to our valued customers. In an effort to meet our customers’ needs for quality fabrication, we carry a large variety of fittings and accessory profiles. These items are available in various species/colours.

Accessory profile range includes all Supplementary profiles used to give a final touch to fabrication/construction jobs & other Decorative profiles that adds aesthetics to your construction.

Plasopan Accessory Profiles:


  1. Corner Profiles: Pvc corner profiles are mainly used in plastic furnitures, Almirahs, Portable Huts/Houses. They are used to cover exposed corners.
  2. PVC tubes: Vinyl tubes are used for reinforcement in portable cabins/houses, Furnitures & other plastic fabrications.
  3. Channel Covers: Channel Covers, also known as C-Channels are widely used to cover usasthetic mild steel tubes.
  4. Pvc Angles: Plasoangles are worldwide used for fabrication of Portable cabins, Partitions, Wall Pannelings, etc.
  5. Decorative Corner Profile/Moulding: Plaso cornice is a interior profile used for false ceiling, partitions, wall paneling, etc.
  6. Beads: Plaso Snap Beading is a major accessory profile used with plastic profiles to provide a decorative look.
  7. Snap Beadings.
  8. Plastic Louvers: Plaso louver is used in door fabrication.
  9. Skirtings: Vinyl Skirtings are used as Decorative floor borders.
  10. PVC T-Profile: Used In plastic furnitures & kitchen cabinets.
  11. PVC U-Lipping: Accessory Profiles for Kitchen Cabinets & Furnitures.
  12. Glazing Plate: It is Mainly used as a supplementary profile in Vinyl doors & Portable Cabins.

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